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yanis la chouette

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2 min il y a 2 minutes

Les militants ont croyance que l'argent est la besogne du loti: On se résigne aux mesures de circonstances en réalisant que le flux de la supercherie ne vient pas des primes gagnées par salariés et actionnaires mais sur le fait que le premier à contester sont les Gouvernants.

3 April 2018

Awarding outstanding ideas and applications that use Earth observation data to tackle challenges faced by business and society, the Copernicus Masters 2018 competition is now open for submissions.

The vast amounts of data produced by Europe’s Copernicus environmental monitoring programme and its Sentinel satellites is leading to an ever-increasing number of products and applications for a widening array of businesses.

Since 2011, ESA and Germany’s AZO have organised the annual Copernicus Masters competition to inspire and help entrepreneurs bring their innovations to market.

Europe’s leading innovation competition for Earth observation awards prizes for such outstanding ideas, applications and business concepts from future-oriented small- and medium sized companies, start-ups, universities and individuals in business, research and higher education.
2017 overall winners

ESA’s Director of Earth Observation Programmes, Josef Aschbacher, said, “The Copernicus Masters has developed into an important innovation driver for Earth observation.

“Solutions submitted to the competition not only benefit citizens, but also bring multiple socio-economic advantages into various economic areas.”

Participants can demonstrate their innovative use of Earth observation data across a wide range of topics, including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, energy, health, sustainable living, smart farming, disaster management, maritime, defence and security, forestry and smart farming, digital transportation and smart cities.

Together with cash prizes, winners will receive access to an international network of leading Earth observation organisations, satellite data quotas and business development support worth a total of more than €600 000.

In addition, the overall winner will receive a VIP trip to Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana to see the launch of a satellite.

The deadline for submission is 30 June. For full details about how to enter and the range of prizes, please visit the Copernicus Masters website.

ESTEC was formally inaugurated on 3 April 1968 by the then HRH Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands (subsequently Queen Beatrix) and her husband HRH Prince Claus. They were given a tour of the establishment ending in the canteen, where ESTEC Director Werner Kleen gave them a model of a satellite.

NASA Compte certifié @NASA
8 h il y a 8 heures
We're sending a spacecraft to "touch" the Sun and you can send your name along with it! Submit your name for a journey to our closest star with our Parker #SolarProbe this summer. Details on how to add your name to the microchip:

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yanis la chouette

Nombre de messages : 7148
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Date d'inscription : 12/11/2005

MessageSujet: Re: LA FRANCE, LA RÉPUBLIQUE, LA GRÉVE ET LE PEUPLE.   Mar 3 Avr à 9:17

Title Dragon lifts off
Released 03/04/2018 1:55 pm
Copyright ESA

The latest Dragon cargo vehicle was launched to the International Space Station on 2 April, taking with it ESA’s Atmosphere-Space Interactions Monitor.

Mounted in Dragon’s cargo bay, this suite of instruments will search for high-altitude electrical discharges associated with stormy weather. It is the first time that such a set of sensitive cameras, light sensors and X- and gamma-ray detectors are flying together to study the inner anatomy of luminous phenomena in Earth’s upper atmosphere and the link with bursts of high-energy radiation. Read more about the monitor here.

Dragon will dock with the Space Station on 4 April, with installation of the monitor expected on 13 April on the outside of Europe’s Columbus laboratory. Once it has been switched on and thoroughly checked for about a month, then the fascinating observations can begin.
Id 392071

Members of the Military and their Families Can Get Free Tax Assistance 2018

The IRS offers free tax help to members of the military and their families through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. A VITA site is easy to find on or off base — even overseas.

The Armed Forces Tax Council directs the military tax programs worldwide. Military VITA-certified employees receive training on military tax issues, including tax benefits for service in a combat zone. They can help with special extensions of time to file tax returns and pay taxes, or with special rules that apply to the Earned Income Tax Credit.

Members of the military going to a VITA site for their tax return preparation should bring these things with them:

A valid power of attorney form, if needed. Married taxpayers filing a joint return generally requires both spouses to sign. If both can’t be present to sign the return, they will need a power of attorney, unless eligible for an exception.

Valid military identification card.

Social Security or individual taxpayer identification numbers for all household members or adoption taxpayer identification numbers for those who don’t have Social Security numbers.

Birth dates for everyone listed on the tax return.

Wage and earning forms, such as forms W-2, W-2G and 1099-R.

Interest and dividend statements.

Health Insurance forms. Taxpayers who purchased insurance through must bring Form 1095-A. Forms 1095-B and C for other types of insurance are optional this year, but taxpayers should know their coverage dates for all household members.

Form 1098-T for students with post-secondary tuition expenses or grant income.

A copy of last year’s federal and state tax returns, if available.

Routing and account numbers for direct deposit of a tax refund.

Total amount paid for day care and the day care provider’s identifying number. This is usually an Employer Identification or Social Security number.

Other relevant information about income and expenses.

Additional IRS Resources:

Military Pay Exclusion – Combat Zone Service
Publication 4940, Tax Information for Active Duty Military and Reserve Personnel
Publication 3, Armed Forces’ Tax Guide

IRS YouTube Videos:

Military Tax Tips – English | Spanish

hare this tip on social media -- #IRSTaxTip: Members of the Military and their Families Can Get Free Tax Assistance

Processus de Paix des secouristes de la république de l'Olivier.

Je crois qu'à l'avenir, plus personne ne pourra recréer des bulles d'exclusions...
Pour cela, je ne peux me permettre de mettre à l'écart tout individu(e) et "État".

Je ne suis qu'une femme ou un homme humble qui en vous adressant ces ces vers,
espère qu'il puisse vous conduire vers l'expérience, le travail et la communauté...
La solitude augmente ou diminue le nervosité... Cela s'appelle le malheur...

Alors par décision, on recherche à se tranquilliser et remettre la balance sur le zéro;
alors par construction, on décèle la notion d'une fragile tolérance:
Celle d'insulter !

Par Yahvé, cela est une horreur et une erreur...

La République de l'Olivier dit :
"Oui à la gréve, Non à l'Esclavage..."
la constitution rajoute :
"Oui à la Bibliothèque et Non à la Faim."
et le peuple doit rajouter :
"Oui à l'écoute et Non aux viols physiques et moraux."

Alors le Novice du Secourisme prends en charge sa nouvelle fonction autre qu'un service
militaire mais basé aussi sur la protection du Bien et du Corps.

"Je suis Y'becca"

Ecrit de
La chouette effraie.
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yanis la chouette

Nombre de messages : 7148
Localisation :
Date d'inscription : 12/11/2005

MessageSujet: Re: LA FRANCE, LA RÉPUBLIQUE, LA GRÉVE ET LE PEUPLE.   Mar 3 Avr à 9:23

Title The cat in Orion – or was it a fox?
Released 03/04/2018 9:00 am
Copyright ESA/Gaia/DPAC
Description µ

What is the first creature that comes to mind when you look at the dark cloud in this image? Perhaps a dark kitten with a vivid white nose, front paws stretching towards the right of the frame and tail up towards the left? Or perhaps a fox, running with its mouth open and looking ahead, its vigilant eyes pointing to the right?

In fact, this animal-themed shape belongs to a dark nebula, a dense cloud of gas and dust in the constellation of Orion, the Hunter, with the cat’s nose (or fox’s eye) corresponding to the Orion Nebula Cluster, a star cluster near the famous Orion Nebula, M42. The image is based on data from the first release of ESA’s Gaia satellite, and shows the density of stars observed while scanning that region of the sky.

While this particular nebula is not visible to the naked eye, similar clouds can be seen against the bright background of the Milky Way from dark locations in the southern hemisphere. Finding shapes in these dark nebulas is part of the astronomical tradition of various cultures, from South America to Australia, that include ‘dark cloud constellations’ resembling a variety of creatures in their firmaments.

Launched in 2013, Gaia has been charting more than a billion stars to unprecedented accuracy. This information is extremely valuable to astronomers who are studying the distribution of stars across our Galaxy.

Even in the dark patches where fewer stars are observed, Gaia’s meticulous census provides important information to study the interstellar material that blocks starlight. It is in these dark clouds of gas and dust that new generations of stars come to life.

The first data release from Gaia, published in 2016, contained the position on the sky of more than a billion stars, as well as the distance and motions of about two million stars. Astronomers worldwide are now looking forward to the next data release, planned for 25 April, which will include the distance and motions for the full sample of stars, greatly extending the reach of the previous survey.

So far, Gaia data have been used to study only the most nearby regions of star formation, within several hundred light-years of us. With the new data, it will be possible to investigate in great detail regions that are much farther away, like the Orion star-forming complex, located some 1500 light-years from us, and to estimate the 3D distribution not only of stars but also of the dusty dark clouds where stars are born.
Id 392055

" Et Paris, qui bats la mesure... ": Disent Les Manchots de la Terre Adélie. Y'BECCA. TAY...

3 April 2018

ESA’s CryoSat mission has revealed that, over the last seven years, Antarctica has lost an area of underwater ice the size of Greater London. This is because warm ocean water beneath the continent’s floating margins is eating away at the ice attached to the seabed.

Most Antarctic glaciers flow straight into the ocean in deep submarine troughs. The place where their base leaves the seabed and begins to float is known as the grounding line.

These grounding lines typically lie a kilometre or more below sea level and are inaccessible even to submersibles, so remote methods for detecting them are extremely valuable.

A paper published today in Nature Geoscience describes how CryoSat was used to map grounding-line motion along 16 000 km of Antarctic coastline.

Research led by Hannes Konrad from the Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling at the UK’s University of Leeds shows that between 2010 and 2017 the Southern Ocean melted 1463 sq km of underwater ice.

The team tracked the movement of Antarctica’s grounding line thanks to CryoSat and has produced the first complete map showing how this submarine edge is losing its grip on the seafloor.
Grounding line

The biggest changes are seen in West Antarctica, where more than a fifth of the ice sheet has retreated across the seafloor faster than the pace of deglaciation since the last ice age.

Dr Konrad said, “Our study provides clear evidence that retreat is happening across the ice sheet due to ocean melting at its base, and not just at the few spots that have been mapped before now.

“This retreat has had a huge impact on inland glaciers, because releasing them from the seabed removes friction, causing them to speed up and contribute to global sea-level rise.”

Although CryoSat is designed to measure changes in the ice-sheet elevation, these can be translated into horizontal motion at the grounding line using the Archimedes principle and knowledge of the glacier and seafloor geometry.

The researchers also found some unexpected behaviour.
Effect of grounding line on surface

Although retreat of the Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica has sped up, at the neighbouring Pine Island Glacier – until recently one of the fastest retreating on the continent – it has halted. This suggests that the ocean melting at its base has paused.

Dr Konrad added, “These differences emphasise the complex nature of ice-sheet instability across the continent, and being able to detect them helps us to pinpoint areas that deserve further investigation.”

Co-author Andy Shepherd said, “We were delighted at how well CryoSat is able to detect the motion of Antarctica’s grounding lines.

“They are impossible places to access from below so it’s a fantastic illustration of the value of satellite measurements for identifying and understanding environmental change.”

ESA CryoSat mission manager Tommaso Parrinello added, “Even though CryoSat is now approaching its eighth year in orbit – more than twice its intended lifetime – it’s wonderful to see that the mission is still making measurements of the highest quality and enabling new discoveries in polar science.”

Draftees Ship Out - March 30, 2018

Update on the Spring Offensive - Mike Shuster | @02:25
America Emerges: The Draftees Ship Out - Edward Lengel | @06:20
Don’t send the boys “Dainties” by parcel post! | @11:40
Remembering Veterans: The Women’s Overseas Service League - Cathleen Cordova | @16:45
Updates from the States: Idaho Commission - K.C.Piccard and Frank Krone | @21:55
Spotlight in the Media: Sgt. Stubby Premiere | @27:35
100C/100M: Glen Carbon IL - Linda Sinco | @32:45
100C/100M: Appleton, WI - Alexander Schultz | @38:35
Speaking WW1: Tommy | @44:45
WW1 War Tech: The Little Curie | @46:20
The Dispatch Newsletter | @48:05
The Buzz - The Centennial in Social Media - Katherine Akey | @49:25

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yanis la chouette

Nombre de messages : 7148
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Date d'inscription : 12/11/2005

MessageSujet: Re: LA FRANCE, LA RÉPUBLIQUE, LA GRÉVE ET LE PEUPLE.   Jeu 5 Avr à 10:00

Y'becca, Jérusalem, Nebula et مدائن صالح
Notre Dame de Paris - Belle.
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yanis la chouette

Nombre de messages : 7148
Localisation :
Date d'inscription : 12/11/2005

MessageSujet: Re: LA FRANCE, LA RÉPUBLIQUE, LA GRÉVE ET LE PEUPLE.   Lun 9 Avr à 10:10

L'Institut de France et Pierre Messmer.
The Trace Gas Orbiter, Our sister planet Venus et Zola Émile.
Le Point faible du Serpent ou The Orgy by Conan the Barbarian.
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